Stump the Experts
Submission Details

This is your opportunity to submit challenging and interesting cases in AWR. Submitters must be registered for the AWR. Cases must be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation and must be no more than 10 slides in length.

The slides should contain relevant history and physical exam, operations performed, outcomes, and complications. Where possible, slides should include pertinent photographs. Submissions also should include a specific question or hypothesis and include lessons learned from the case.


Stump the Experts cases will be discussed in the Saturday afternoon session during AWR. Conference co-chairs will be the moderators and present the cases with questions and commentary by panelists. Submitters in the audience will be invited to comment from the floor on their cases.


Challenging Stump the Experts cases must be submitted electronically by May 13, 2017. Accepted case submitters will be notified via email no later than May 24, 2017.

Please fill out the following form and then upload your presentation via the link provided.

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